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SouthTech Orthopedics, Inc.
6100 Maddry Oaks Court
Raleigh, NC 27616

Toll Free 1.800.292.5966
Raleigh:  919.832.9555
Fax:  919.832.1555

(left photo) SouthTech technicians set up our multistation wet lab.

(below) Our state of the art media room seats up to 40 people for surgical labs and seminars

SouthTech is able to stand behind these ideals thanks to the standard of excellence its demands from its manufacturers and the expertise it offers to the orthopedic community, including one of the most advanced surgical skills training centers in the Southeast. 

Surgeons call our on-site surgical skills training center one of the best they have ever seen, and credit our seminars for keeping them abreast of the latest products and procedures in orthopedic medicine.

To register for one of our upcoming labs, please contact your area representative.


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