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  SouthTech Orthopedics, Inc.
6100 Maddry Oaks Court
Raleigh, NC 27616

Toll Free 1.800.292.5966
Raleigh:  919.832.9555
Fax:  919.832.1555

We are proud to be the regional distributor for Arthrex, Inc.

Arthrex specializes in providing the finest quality products and educational services to meet the needs of the orthopedic surgeon.  Arthrex has developed over 1,000 products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures.


When SouthTech entered the orthopedics specialty market in 1993, the goal was simple.  Partner with the most innovative surgical components manufacturers in the marketplace and become an indispensable partner to the orthopedic community.

For more than a decade, our commitment to quality, advanced technologies, innovation and service has taken SouthTech to the front of the class in orthopedic surgical sales and practice management.

Today, SouthTech is one of the top distributors for the manufacturers we represent.  It's a mutual success story that has enabled SouthTech to continue to explore, to improve, and to lead.  In our service to our medical practices, from major medical centers to private clinics, there is no compromise.  Our success is your success. 

And we have only just begun.


PushLock™ Knotless Anchor for Bankart and SLAP Repair

The PushLock is a 3.5 mm x 14 mm knotless suture anchor designed for arthroscopic glenohumeral joint instability repair.  The anchor provides the ability to independently pass the suture through a desired amount of tissue prior to anchor implantation.  This feature allows the surgeon to properly capture the amount  of capsule or labrum required by the pathology being treated.  The unique two-piece PushLock design allows the surgeon to visualize and adjust tissue tension prior to final implant installation.  The anchor is tapped into its final position and sutures cut flush.


C3 - A Comprehensive Cost Containment Program
The Outpatient Arthroscopy Suite of the Future

The Arthrex Comprehensive Cost Containment program (C3) represents this commitment to quality and innovation while significantly reducing per procedure costs in arthroscopic surgery. The C3 program specifically addresses: 1. The daily, high recurring cost of disposable consumables in arthroscopic surgery 2. The initial high cost of capital equipment acquisition



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